Allison is a biologist, vet tech, and producer focused on one health conservation. After receiving her MSc in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University assessing disease transmission between humans and mountain gorillas in Uganda she has worked for many nonprofits across the tropics. Based in Brooklyn, Allison makes films across many disciplines including wildlife, science, tech, human rights and the arts. She is a WINGS WorldQuest flag carrier and Explorers Club Fellow.
Harriet is a producer, science journalist and mathematician whose work investigates the complexity of science within society, culture and the arts. From climate change statistics to NASA missions, her work for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera and PBS has gone on to be nominated for and win prestigious international awards for documentary and science communication.

Rima is the Indonesian Vice Consul for Information and Social-Cultural Affairs in New York and a Borneo native. Previously deployed in Cuba and Zimbabwe for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, she actively contributes to Jakarta's national newspaper. Growing up near Orang Utan conservation sites with her mother preserving local wisdom as an artist, she is very familiar with myths and folklores of the forest.

Julia is a conservationist, writer, and educator with a passion for connecting people with nature. From the volcanoes of West Java to the rainforests of Costa Rica, her work has crossed many different environments and cultures. She holds a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University and an MSc in Primate Conservation from Oxford Brookes University.

Sam is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker and director of photography. He has produced documentaries for public television, ABC's Nightline and CNN. He has covered topics ranging from the environmental impact of electronics manufacturing, population growth and the death penalty. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Political Science and studied filmmaking at New York University.
Arianna is a Director and Director of Photographer, born and raised in New York City. Arianna has shot in over 45 countries including Mongolia, Iceland, Cuba, Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, throughout Eastern and Southern Africa, South and South East Asia, and Latin America. Arianna weaves stories about possibility, highlighting the work of artists, revolutionaries and change-makers around the world.

Carissa is a director of photography based in Brooklyn, but is often elsewhere on assignment. After graduating from NYU's Tisch School, she spent years traveling North America and beyond shooting short documentaries for Vice on HBO. She uses sharp journalistic instincts and an eye for detail to specialize in vérité filmmaking. An adventurous spirit and lover of nature, Carissa is always out in the world with her camera by her side.
Acoustic and Audio Visual consultant at Arup, Caulkins works with world class architects to design concert halls, theaters, museums, and airports internationally as well as designing Augmented/Virtual Reality environments. Caulkins has produced immersive sound installations shown at the Pompidou Center, PS1 MoMa, London V&A, Rubin Museum and the Sydney Opera House, and collaborated with composers, architects and sound artists worldwide.

Inter-disciplinary conceptual artist and an adventurer, Lindsay was the first artist in residence at the SETI Institute (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). Lindsay received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his "CARBON" camera-less photographic process. His first book Mentawai Shaman: Keeper of the Rain Forest (Aperture, 1992) chronicles his decade long inter-action with one of the great Mentawai healer-hunters.
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