On August 3, 2017, New York state destroyed nearly two tons of ivory in Central Park at the state's first ivory crush. New York is the first state to crush ivory, which follows two U.S. government crushes of six tons in 2013 and nearly one ton in 2015. New York passed an ivory trade ban in 2014, which has helped spur action to protect elephants from the current poaching crisis. The United States government implemented its own ban on ivory trade in 2016, and imposed stricter penalties to those who engage in wildlife trafficking. The ivory crushed in Central Park had an estimated total value of nearly $8.5 million.

Our team attended the evening reception the day before the 2017 Ivory Crush to document representatives, nonprofits, governmental officials, investigators, police officers, celebrities and the public coming together to discuss, prepare and celebrate for the following big day. The day of the crush was hectic, inspiring and global history, and we were able to collate a range of interviews to appropriate share the variety of view points and importance of the historical event to those who could not make it there in person. The video premiered on Saturday August 12th on World Elephant Day, created in 2011, in partnership with World Elephant Society and was viewed by over 40,000 followers across its social media channels.

New York City Ivory Crush at Central Park August 3rd 2017
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