Charles Lindsay
Conceptual Artist-Adventurer
Charles Lindsay is an inter-disciplinary conceptual artist and an adventurer. Educated as an exploration geologist, he was the first artist in residence at the SETI Institute (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) and now directs the SETI AIR program. The FIELD STATION is his traveling installation project — a hybrid space in which to synthesize ideas about technology, time, eco-systems and semiotics. He most recently exhibited at the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative: "Beyond the Cradle: Envisioning a New Space Age." Lindsay received a Guggenheim Fellowship for his "CARBON" camera-less photographic process. His first book Mentawai Shaman: Keeper of the Rain Forest (Aperture, 1992) chronicles his decade long inter-action with one of the great Mentawai healer-hunters. Charles' work has been featured in WIRED, Motherboard, the New York Times Magazine, on CNN and NPR, to name a few. He has lectured at Rhodes House in Oxford, the California Academy of Sciences, SONAR, Moogfest, RISD, CalArts, The Chinese Academy of Art, 100 Year Starship Symposium and many other venues.